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Useful Practitioner Resources

Child eye health

Children need healthy eyes and vision to develop and thrive. Yet, millions of children are vision impaired because they do not have access to eye care and treatment, having long-lasting, negative consequences for many of them. The majority of this vision impairment is due to uncorrected myopia.

Our Children’s Vision is a global campaign, initiated by Brien Holden Vision Institute and Vision For Life – Essilor, where partners are ensuring that effective, inclusive, sustainable eye health initiatives for children and adolescents are part of appropriate health programs and are integrated into regional, national and global education and health policies and practices for children.

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Myopia Calculator

Myopia management by optometrists

With this rapidly changing eye care landscape there is a need for new standards of optometric care to aid practitioners in managing patients.

A recent practitioner survey on attitudes to myopia management found that close to 70% of practitioners are still using single vision lenses (normal glasses) as their primary mode of correction for myopia.

Brien Holden Vision Institute is developing tools for practitioners such as clinical e-learning modules to help them identify candidates at risk, and empower practitioners with the skills to better manage progressive myopia for patients.

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Video Lecture - Michael Yapp

Video lecture from Michael Yapp discussing the central retinal complications associated with High Myopia.

A chairside reference

A chairside reference summarizing the retinal complications associated with Pathological myopia.
Myopia Calculator

Myopia 'calculator'

In 2017, Brien Holden Vision Institute developed an evidence-based myopia ‘calculator’ to support optometrists in communicating and educating patients in their choices for managing myopia appropriately.

The free, simple to use web-based tool runs on a range of electronic devices and merges individual patient information with different optical and pharmacological treatment options to illustrate the impact on their future level of myopia.

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International Myopia Institute

The International Myopia Institute has brought together leading researchers, clinicians, educators and policy makers, to address the growing prevalence of myopia, the risks to vision and how clinicians should best manage myopia, while further advancing myopia research.

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Optometry Australia’s myopia courses

For information on Optometry Australia’s myopia courses and a full list of CPD events go to:

Video Lecture - Paula Katalinic

A video lecture from Paula Katalinic discussing peripheral retinal lesions and degeneration.

A chairside reference

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